Couple Looking for Fun

Poetry, Uncategorized

Two doors down from me,

There is a house:

With flaking paint,

And purple cobwebs.

Where a couple,

Only a few steps away;

Is seeking someone.


They recline,

At the top of my grindr results.


One is bulky,

The other burly,

But I am neither of these things.

I am slim,

Some say petite.

But I am someone;

Perhaps they are seeking me?



This could be the start of something beautiful!

The stuff of dreams.

Short sex,

Uncomfortable walks,

And awkward encounters in the street.

I’ll knock on their door,

Ring the bell;

Can’t let this opportunity slip away.


Here’s a duo,

That I could bring home.

Dazzle my sisters,

Impress my father,

And worry my mom that “little bit”.




Upon further inspection.

They are a couple looking for fun;

On these grounds,

I am disqualified.



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